CirculAir, hygienic air conditioner


The most versatile, compact evaporator on the market.

The CirculAir regulates the temperature and humidity of your ambiances.

Compatible with Direct Expansion or Chilled Water. Hygienic, stainless-steel, easy cleaning and ultra compact.

A range of models available from 706 CFM to 2,295 CFM.

Technical Overview


Single flow, 316L stainless-steel
Noise level: between 52.8 to 60 dB


Hung from ceiling
Weight: ranges from 53 to 289 lbs.

Coil Design

Design: Cylindrical, smooth stainless-steel tubes ep. 10/10e

Supply: Right or left

Cooling Coil: Chilled water or DX

Heating Coil: electric heating power


Speed variation: From 0 to 10 V

  • Via internal or remote potentiometer
  • By PLC 

Refer to technical notice below. 

Hygienic Design

Design: Total accessibility by unhooking the drain pan

Sanitation: Foam gun or high pressure hose

Air Diffusion


  • Direct (by induction): blown towards ceiling for smooth and even distribution at low residual speeds

Option: directional deflector

CirculAir Advantages

  • Sanitary Design 
    • 316L stainless steel construction
    • Ultra hygienic design
  • Easy Installation 
    • Compatible with direct expansion or chilled water
    • Direct air supply (without duct)
    • Short manufacturing times
  • A versatile Unit
    • Suitable for various markets 
    • Resistant to corrosive environments 
  • Its cylindrical shape eliminates dead zones 
  • Absence of fins eliminates retention of particles and bacteria
  • Smooth tubes reduce pressure drop and energy consumption
  • Tubes thickness makes them durable and mechanical resistance


  • 316L stainless-steel is highly resistant to corrosion. Suitable for many applications, even very harsh environments.
  • Upwards blowing allows air stream to be evenly and smoothly diffused at a residual velocity, eliminates need for textile ducts.
  • This evaporator is appreciated in work rooms or cold rooms that store sensitive products.
  • The easy cleaning of this evaporator is suitable for hygienic, powdery and greasy environments or cooking rooms.
  • Suitable for different markets: cheese, dairy, salting, bread making, fish, tannery, pharmaceuticals, and more.


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