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A scalable evaporator that adapts to your needs

The ModulAir regulates the temperature and humidity of your ambiance.

Single or dual-flow evaporators available based on need. 
Hygienic design, constructed in stainless-steel, these units are easy to clean and safe.
Units have a small footprint and can be installed on the wall, set on the floor or hung from the ceiling!

A wide range of models are available to meet any need: 1,471 CFM to 11,771 CFM

Technical Overview


Single flow


Set on a floor frame
Mounted on Wall

Coil Design

Design: Smooth, stainless-steel tubes

Supply: Left or right

Cooling Coil: up to 100kW/chilled water

Heating Coil: Hot water or electric heating

Hygienic Design

Design: Easy access via panels or access doors 

Cleaning: Foam gun + high-pressure hose

Option: Clean In Place (CIP) system 

Air Diffusion


  • Direct (by induction): blown at an angle towards the ceiling for smooth, even distribution, no turbulence
  • Air discharge via textile ducts 

Supply air grills: tubular rings on fan grids for laminar flow and avoid turbulence

ModulAir's Advantages

  • Easy upgrades for future growth    
    • Standard parts, sub-sets available off the shelf 
    • LEGO type design 
    • Short manufacturing & lead times
  • Hygienic & Resistant Design 
    • 304L Stainless-steel 
    • Eliminates retention areas 
    • Accessible, fully cleanable with foam gun or CIP
  • A reliable, durable unit 
    • Resistant to aggressive environments
    • Ability to upgrade an existing unit by adding additional coils 

Range of Models

  • Maximum of 6 fans per unit 


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